What Is an Annuity Insurance?

An annuity is a contract in which an insurance company makes a series of income payments at regular intervals in return for a premium or premiums you have paid.

Annuities are most often bought for future retirement income, and can pay an income that can be guaranteed to last as long as you live.

What Are the Different Kinds of Annuities?

There are several types of annuities, all of which carry varying levels of risk and guarantees. To get the most out of an annuity, it is imperative that you know the different options available to you, as well as the benefits each type provides.

Is an Annuity Right for You?

To find out if an annuity is right for you, think about what your financial goals are for the future. Analyze the amount of money you are willing to invest in an annuity, as well as how much of a monetary risk you are willing to take. You shouldn’t buy an annuity to reach short-term financial goals. Talk to an Agent today at Connor Faupel Insurance Agency today to see what best fits your financial plan.

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